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5.88. Steelhead Report and Restoration Card Requirements for Inland Waters.

  • (a) Steelhead Fishing Report and Restoration Card Required. All anglers must have a Steelhead Fishing Report and Restoration Card in their possession while fishing for or taking steelhead in anadromous waters, as defined inSection 1.04. Anglers must complete and return the card pursuant to regulations in this Section and in Section 1.74. For purposes of these regulations, a steelhead trout is defined as any rainbow trout greater than 16 inches in length found in anadromous waters.

  • (b) Prior to beginning fishing activity, the cardholder must record the month, day, and location code on the first available line on the report card.

  • (c) When a steelhead is retained, the cardholder must immediately fill in a circle indicating whether the fish is a wild fish or a hatchery fish.

  • (d) When the cardholder moves to another location code, or finishes fishing for the day, the angler must immediately record on the card the number of wild and hatchery fish that were released from that location and the number of hours fished for steelhead to the nearest hour.

  • (e) In the event an angler fills in all lines and returns a Steelhead Fishing Report and Restoration Card, an additional card may be purchased. See Section 1.74.

  • (f) The annual fee for the Steelhead Fishing Report and Restoration Card is specified in Section 7380 of the Fish and Game Code.