5.75. Striped Bass.

  • (a) Open season: All year except for closures listed in special regulations.

  • (b) Limit: Two, except in waters listed in (d) below.

  • (c) Minimum size: 18 inches total length except in waters listed in (d) below.

  • (d) Exceptions:(e) For the purpose of these regulations, any striped bass hybrid with white bass is considered to be striped bass.

  • (1) In the Colorado River District, the Southern District (except Lake Elsinore, and New Hogan, San Antonio and Santa Margarita lakes

  • (2) Lake Elsinore has the limit and minimum size shown in (b) and (c) above.

  • (A) Limit: Ten.

  • (B) Minimum size: No size limit.

Striper Bait

  • Live minnows

  • Pile worms

  • Cut bait

  • Flies

  • Lures

  • Eel

  • Crawfish