Sturgeon Bait

  • Ghost Shrimp

  • Pile Worms

  • Night Crawlers

  • Eel

  • Cut Bait

  • Roe

  • Squid

  • SIZE LIMIT: Anglers may take or possess any legally caught white sturgeon between 40 and 60 inches.the fish must be measured from the nose to the tail fork.(California Code of Regulations, title 14,Section 5.80 and 27.90)


  • METHODS OF TAKE: Only one single barbless hook may be used on a line when taking sturgeon.Use of a snare to assist in landing or killing any sturgeon is prohibited. A snare is a flexible loop made from any material that may be tightened like a noose around any part of the fish.(CCR,title 14,Sec 5.80 and 27.90)


  • REMOVAL FROM WATER: Any white sturgeon greater than 68 inches fork length MAY NOT BE REMOVED from the water and shall be released immediately.(CCR,title 14, Sec.5.80 and 27.90)


  • SEASON AND REGULATIONS CHANGES: It is unlawful to take any sturgeon from the Sacramento River between Keswick Dam to the Highway 162 Bridge in Shasta, Tehama and Glenn counties.(CCR, title 14 Sec.5.80,5.81)


  • STURGEON REPORT CARDS: 2013 sturgeon fishing report card permit fees are $7.50,plus a 3 percent ALDS application fee and a 5 percent license agent fee,where applicable.(CCR, title 14 Sec.701)